Cotton waste

Applications & Uses

Cotton waste has a multiple uses in production and utilization of different products.

Multi-industry use

Cotton waste (mainly comber) is used in the paper industry for making bond or currency papers and handmade art papers. Cotton waste is used in currency mills to produce currency notes to check counterfeiting them, reduces the govt expenses of importing special papers. Usage of cotton waste in currency makes to last long. Medically, it is used to make absorption cotton, cotton buds and in bandages. Medical industry emphasises on cleaner contamination free cotton waste to produce the needed cotton materials for its uses; making cotton waste mandatory for functioning of hospitals and medical institutions. It is used in chemical industries for pulp and cellulose production. “Producing ultra-small diameter fibres from cellulose could have a wide variety of applications and makes low count course yarns in open end spinning mills.

Cotton waste is used in upholstery, mattress and bedding industries, and are used for wiping and polishing in automotive and hardware industries. In non-woven industries, they are used for embroidery backing paper. Waste cotton has uses in general and in nonwovens in particular. Examples are products for all kinds of protective clothing, medical applications, hygiene applications, environmental protection and home textiles.

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