Leading Comber Noil Supplier from India

We provide the good source of cotton as comber noil which has varied uses in different fields. Vision cotton helps you in giving you the top quality comber noil for manufacturing and production industries. They are mostly used in open end spinning mills as a raw material and also in pharmaceutical industries for cotton buds, napkins, surgical cotton and cotton balls, since they are worth full. Comber noils are processed in two categories as bleached and unbleached while bleached are most commonly used though they are the fine quality.

Comber noil is the finest cotton which is obtained from the comber machine during the yarn spinning process. The noils are the by-product while short fibers are removed during the combing of wool. It is used as a feedstock in spinning industries and they are the main source in medical industries because they are defect free so that they can be easily used. We export the leading quality of comber noils from various regions of India with good standards. They are also environment friendly and highly durable. Apart from this cotton wastes are used in currency making and many other manufacturing industries. Not considering them as a waste product it can be used as valuable raw material in various fields. We export the bleached comber noils which is the finest cotton to our clients so that it can be used in pharmaceutical industries for surgical cotton, cotton balls, cotton buds and Napkins.


We are the leading dealers in textile machine sales. As a part of our business expansion we are into the export of comber noils. We provide the finest and good quality of noils which are obtained from long-staple cotton while it is combed in the comber machines for splitting the short fibers. Comber noils are most commonly used in medical manufacturing industries for cotton buds, cotton balls, surgical cotton and many like-wise products which are in demanding. Our product is the long durable and eco friendly. It is available in both form as bleached and unbleached, bleached are commonly used in medical industries since they are very pure. Comber noils are also used in currency note manufacturing due to its light weight and massive quality.

Comber noils are obtained from the comber machines when it is combed for the removing of short end fibers. They have various uses like currency and bond manufacturing which reduces the import of foreign material for currency making. It is mainly used in the medical industries for cotton buds, cotton balls also for cosmetic industry. Though the medical industry needs a pure and defect free cotton, bleached comber noils are preferred first. They are the finest quality of cotton which is environment friendly and can be recycled easily. It becomes the raw material for the yarn production industry. Vision cotton provides customers with good quality of comber noils.

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